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Posted on November 12, 2019 at 12:40 AM

Tuesday November 12, 2019

Good Morning........  It's quite early.  My clock says 12:42am.  Is anybody out there???  If you are, them come in and sit with me a while.  If you are not, then I will surely wait for you.  I am listen to one of my favorite sounds, a fan.  Not matter where you point it, the sound is the same.  It's the consistency that I love.  I can't sleep without it, although, if tired enough, I bet I could.               

One other thing I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE............................  New.  Good ole fashioned NEW!  Whatever happens in the night, we will most certainly come upon, NEW.  Why???  Because we need it!  Because yesterday is gone!  If we can say, "Shame on me!" last night, God Promises NEW every morning.  In fact, Psalm 30:15 NIV, it says, "Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning."  Ah, yes, REJOICING!!!                                   

The same goes with Repentance.  If we confess it, God Forgives and Forgets it.  And, if we mean it, we won't do it again! :)  At least, that what comes with True Repentance.  No matter what is old and crusty in your life, God can Breathe NEW LIFE into it.  Shame and shackles are no longer.  Jesus sets the CAPTIVES FREE!!!!!  He flings open those prison doors, His Light drives away all darkness, and satan and all his demons RUN at the sound of Jesus' Name.                     

Victory is ours for the taking, Beloved.  We claim it, and have to KEEP claiming it.  Do you think Jesus isn't real?  That He is just a myth?  That He could never, EVER Forgive you?  Tell that dirty devil to go back to hell where he belongs, and where he will spend all ETERNITY!!!  One thing though, where God Forgives us, WE need to Forgive ourselves in order to move on!                       

God LOVES New Beginnings!  He LOVES what is impossible with man!  And, when our willingness collides with the God's POSSIBLE, well - LOOK OUT WORLD!!!   He Delights giving His Favor to us, just as He LOVES to Forgive us.                                   

So..................................  What are you going to do about God today?  Where will you place Jesus in your life?  If He has been sitting nice and neat on a shelf, GET HIM DOWN!!!!!  What He has for you, will blow your hopes and dreams right out of the water!  WHY?  Because what He has for you is BETTER.  He will knock your socks off if you are willing!  Remember this, God is bigger than any giant in your life.  He is Stronger than your struggle.  Can go deeper than any pit.  He soars higher than your mountains.  Goes lower than any valley.  Wherever you are in this great big world, and no matter what your are doing, or NOT doing, God is looking to give you A FRESH START!!! 

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