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Posted on October 30, 2019 at 4:55 AM

Wednesday October 30, 2019

Happy Wednesday to you, dear and lovely Friend!!!  I've been thinking about you, therefore, I've been praying for you!  I'm so glad you are here.  Now, FIRST - HUGS, HUGS, HUGS!!!               

Oh, the elements................  The world has wrapped it's weak hands around it!  Scientists don't believe Jesus exists, because they can't figure Him OUT!  Therefore, WHO NEEDS HIM?????  OR, they try to explain away millions of reasons why this world needs Jesus!  People jump on the "big bang theory" band wagon.  "Oh, all we need is Water, Air, Food and Light!"  "What can this "Jesus" do more than THAT?????                   

And, here lies today's quote.............  Go ahead, have a little looksie!  (or look-see, however you see fit.)  Take away these 4 things, and WE DIE.  Our bodies crumble, our blood dries out, our mind is crazed, our hearts crushed.  If, in fact, you are hanging to the Scientists knowledge, yes, you will DIE.  But not just your body, YOUR SOUL dies, too.  Showing up to the big Eternal party WITHOUT JESUS, all of you, ever single spec of your existence, all the sins you never Repented of, all your loves, your masks.  "But, God, BUT GOD???  I can do better this time.  I will hold onto Jesus.  Just, PLEASE LET ME IN!!!!"  NOT A CHANCE.                                      

Oh, but...................................  Jesus!!!  He is our Living Water!  He is the very BREATH inside us.  He is the Bread of LIFE.  Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD!!!!!  What can HE give you that the world CAN'T???  EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did any gods of this world SAVE YOU?  Can his blood cleanse your sins?  Most of all, IS THEIR TOMB EMPTY???  Go ahead and find out.  I guarantee you will find dead, dry bones.  Those bones hold NO PROMISE!  NO HOPE!  NO REDEMPTION!  NO HEALING!  NO ETERNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN............                       

GIVE ME JESUS!  Someone asked me a while back, "Is your blog only about GOD?"  "Absolutely!", I replied.  Someone elsed asked me, "So, what you're saying is that God is a part of your life?"  I said, "Absolutely NOT!  HE IS MY LIFE!!!"  Do I get laughed at?  Ridiculed?  Called ODD?  Weird???  I will claim JESUS every single time.  WHY?  Because, despite the promises of this world, their empty, worthess promises, I have found the One Who SET ME FREE!!!  The One Who Loves me!!!  Slashes my chains, rips prison door down!!!  Breathes me BACK TO LIFE!!!  Saves me from the ELEMENTS.  I know no other way, than to............................  Run to Jesus, as JESUS RUNS TO ME!!!!!

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