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Posted on October 26, 2019 at 6:00 AM

Saturday October 26, 2019

Happy Saturday to you!!!  Oh, I could have just stayed in bed with the covers over my head this morning!  Life sure can be exhausting, can't it?  We could probably sit for days sharing our war stories.  But, oh such JOY, to have the Full Armor of God on!  (Ephesians 6;10-18)  Plus, the battles has already been WON, WON, WON!!!!!               

Guess that means WE ARE VICTORIOUS!!!  If our road feels rocky, and our heart unsteady, and our spirits being tossed by the wind, HOLD ON TO JESUS, because He is HOLDING ON TO YOU!!!  The One Who paid the price for your sin, fights your battles.  There is no need for us to get all in a tizzy - NO, NO, NO!!!  Just be still and know...........                       

Victory sure is sweet, isn't it?  Freedom is the breeze under our feet, which says, "WALK IN IT!!!"  If we are found in Christ, we are Overcomers!  But, it doesn't always feel like it.  Sometimes it just feels like we are going it alone.  NOT TRUE!!!  When Jesus asks us to get out of the boat, it's because He is already walking on water!  OH, YES HE IS.........  Where He calls us, He is already there! 

Take heart, all who wander!  Rise up out of the ashes and SHINE, all who play with matches!  Can't see where the next step is, look for the Light of Jesus to pull you forward!  Let His Perfect Love, cast out all your fear!  Can't hear His Voice over the crashing waves, close your eyes and listen to the still, small Voice calling you Home!  Wherever you are.  No matter what you are doing.  If you are walking in darkness.  Could care less about God.  Are simply, lost.  Do you think your Father even notices you're gone???  OH, YES HE DOES!!!  YOU are His Hearts Desire!!!  He is calling for the fatted calf, the best lines, a party for the ages!  OH, YES, the Father Loves you very, very much.  His Arms are open wide, there are tears in His Eyes, and Heaven's JOY all around Him.  All He cares about is YOU ARE HERE!!!  WELCOME HOME, PRODIGAL!!!!!  

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