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Posted on October 25, 2019 at 4:35 AM

Friday October 25, 2019

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!  Rise up and SHINE FOR JESUS..........  His Light helps us find our way out of the dark.  So if WE shine for Jesus, we are able to show people a way out of their own darkness.  There are SOOOOOOOOO many people who so long to be set FREE.  From their sin, bondage, shame, their prison, from those heavy chains.                               

Our walk with God, our Cross to carry, our willingness and obedience to follow Jesus, is CRUCIAL to someones life!  We may be the only Jesus people ever see.  Our response to God's Calling on our lives, well - someone out there is COUNTING ON IT!!!!!  Let's not be stingy or selfish.  We are given this ONE LIFE to make a difference, for God's Glory and for ETERNITY.  I consider it a great honor to be used by God.  Plus, being in the Center of God's Will, is the safest place to be!                             

I don't trust myself, so I have no other choice but to Trust God!  But I also have to keep my HANDS TO MYSELF!!!  God is able.  God is All Powerful.  All Knowing.  Therefore, He does NOT need our help.  The very instant we pray, God starts to work.  I don't care what I want, I want what GOD wants for my life.  I desire what HIS HEART desires.                                               

I find it amazing at how quickly we can fall.  A lie here, a waver there.  A tiny compromise that God couldn't possibly notice.  A slight watering down of our Faith.  A need to be accepted by others.  Soon, we get all tangled up in our words, and we lose our balance.  Our eyes are swiftly taken off of God, and put on OURSELVES.  Satan tells us we don't need God.  He makes empty promises, and his handbook for life has small print:  sin leads to death.                                       

It's time to hold on to Jesus tighter than we ever have!  We need to hold on to the Word of God, and never let go!  His Word is LIFE and LOVE!  Jesus is our REDEMPTION!!!  And let us not dare think we have the power to change God's Mind and Heart toward us.  But, until we realize that life is all about Jesus and NOT US, we can never have Peace and Rest.  It's time to get off our high horse, and that fence.  Neither one is of God!  He can't fill us if we are filled with ourselves!  Be strong and courageous, for God is on our side!  He cannot fail, He cannot lie.  Let's hold Him to His Promises, and believe what He says about us!  And, all that baggage.............  Just LET IT GO AND LIVE!!!!!

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