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Posted on October 9, 2019 at 5:00 AM

Wednesday October 9, 2019

Good Morning, and welcome to the middle of the week!!!  We are ALIVE and KICKING.........  That is our Gift from God today!  Oh, dear and lovely Friend, let us LIVE IT WELL!!!  Come on in, nestle into your favorite spot, and let's open our eyes, our ears and our HEARTS.                                 

I talked about a "divided heart" last time I wrote.  A heart such as that, is very dangerous to everything we are, everything God made us to be!  One side of a divided heart is with God.  Some days it is stronger, others well - the other side kicks in.  The question that remains is this:  ARE WE GOING TO TRUST GOD OR NOT?!?! 

Light and dark cannot reside in the same space.  Nor Faith and fear.  Love and hate.  Another question that can be asked, is are we afraid of missing out on something with carrying a divided heart???  "OH NO, what if my friends go ahead of me on the food chain?"  "I don't want to miss out on a promotion!"  "I must keep up with the Jones'!"  OR...............  "God, I am willing and I am Yours!  How can I be used for Your Glory today?"  "God, I can't do this even on my BEST day, but I am excited to see how YOU are going to do this!"  "God, take my life and make it clean.  I know You have more for me than I can possibly imagine!"                                 

The worldly side, keeps us striving!  Do this, do that.  Go here, go there.  Satan takes sin and dips it into a whirlwind of pleasure.  God Created Love, pure and strong, and satan stole it and turned it into lust!  The thing that satan so easily forgets to tell us, is sins consequences.  The definition for "consequence" is:  a result or effect of an action, or condition...........  OK, so here is the definition of "BLESSING":  God's favor and protection............  HELLO?!?!  Live in sin, and reap Eternal death.  Live for Jesus, and have Eternal Life!!!                                         

The very second we choose to sin, satan strikes his match, while laughing at us!  He has already been DEFEATED, but he still tries to take as many people with him to hell as he can.  OH, but the very second we choose Jesus, Blessings, Redemption, Forgiveness, Peace, Love.  So, you see?  Good and evil cannot reside in the same space!  There is NO sin in Heaven!  So, if we choose to show up WITHOUT Jesus at the end of our lives, God will have no other choice than to honor our decision.  WE CHOOSE OUR ETERNITY.  God offers Eternal Life, satan offers Eternal damnation.         

Beloved, God will not bless what is not of Him!  He also cannot fit into a life so puffed up, and filled with pride!  That fence that teeters this side or that side, is NOT OF GOD!!!  So yes - a divided heart is dangerous, deadly, and wants life both ways.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!!!!  God's Heart is FOR US!  He took Precious time in making us, so there is absolutely no chance He forgets us, or ever leaves us in our weaknesses!  What the enemy meant to harm us, God turns into our GOOD!  For now, AND for Eternity..........  WHO and WHAT will you serve today?  Won't you give God a try today?  I mean, whole-hearted, don't-mean-maybe, COMPLETE TRUST to the Creator Who called you into motion!  Let Jesus take the reins today!  His Peace, His Hope, His Goodness, is something you will NEVER WANT TO BE WITHOUT AGAIN!!!!!

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