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Posted on October 8, 2019 at 4:45 AM

Tuesday October 8, 2019

Good Morning!!!  Oh, happy day.......  "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."  (Psalm 150;6)  I'm breathing - Are you breathing?  So, this Scripture is for US!!!  And, if WE don't praise Him?  Even the rocks will cry out!  (Luke 19;40)  God is not only Worthy of our praise, but He inhabits the praises of His people!  What do you say WE GIVE HIM SOMETHING TO INHABIT!!!!!                       

Beauty for ashes.............  Oh, do I have a pile of ashes!  A heap that I have laid at His Feet.  And, what do I see in return???  A SMILE!  Brimming with Grace and Mercy.  Overflowing with Redemption.  Stuffed with Hope.  I bring God my limits, for He has NONE!!!  Do you know that it doesn't matter what we have to lay at His Feet - big or small - changes, failures, sin, fear, devastation.  He stands before it ALL, because we are the object of His Affection.  If it concerns us, it concerns God, PERIOD!!!           

Can you think of some examples in your own life?  We trade our weakness, for His Strength!  Our fear, for His Unfailing Love!  Our doubt, for His Promises!  Our sin, for His Forgiveness!  God knew we couldn't do all this on our own, that's why He had to send Jesus to Save us.  To make a WAY for us to come to God, to be Forgiven when we Repent and turn from our sin and follow Him.             

And, just in case you were wondering, God wants ALL OR NOTHING!  But, our pride tells us that we only need God when we NEED something.  When it SUITS us.  Only on SUNDAY.  That is the lie satan uses to keep us from God - DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!  "Oh, you don't need God.  You can do it just fine on your own!"  "You better not praise God in the workplace, for you might OFFEND someone!"  Sound familiar?                                 

Don't bother serving God on a part-time basis.  He will not bless a divided heart, so either let go of HIS Hand, or let go of satan's.  We can't, Can't, CAN'T HOLD BOTH.  We need to get of the fence, and make a decision on WHOM WE WILL SERVE..........  THAT is the most important decision we will EVER make!  Our decision is based on Eternity, so let us choose well. 

This life is all about JESUS!  Nothing else will matter when we stand before God at the end of this life.  We won't be able to negotiate our Salvation.  No amount of hoping or wishing or pleading or begging, will change our outcome!  No, all God will do at that vital point, is honor our decision.  Did we choose Jesus, or, ourselves?  Are you weak and weary?  Do you think you are out of options, and fresh out of Hope?  Are you tired of failing?  Not sure where you will spend Eternity?  Don't believe in God?  Are doubting Him?  Can't see Him moving???  Remember how when we give God something, He gives us something better in return?  Well, dare to follow Jesus today!  Give Him YOUR ALL!  Let go of your divided heart!  Go ahead and give Him your life, for He already gave HIS LIFE FOR YOURS!!!!!


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