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Posted on October 5, 2019 at 5:40 AM

Saturday October 5, 2019

Good Saturday Morning, dear Friend!!!  Are you well?  How about some coffee or hot chocolate?  The windchill where I am, is 38.  Yes, 3 8..........  Autumn has 2 more months, so it better HANG ON!!!  Wherever you are, I'm so glad you are here.  And, since nothing else matters but Jesus, come in and get comfy.                                       

You should have heard me REJOICING this week.  I have 2 very important words, in which I can explain.  Are you ready???  HOCKEY SEASON..........  Hey, a girl has to have her priorities, yes?  College football and the NFL rank pretty darn close!  I am a woman, AND, a sports nut.  What's YOUR superpower?  I am at my complete happiest with Jesus and sports.  Do you think Angels play baseball? 

OH, the JOY that awaits us!  Nothing of this world will EVER live up to that!  Yes, all things temporary, all things empty, all things unimportant and unworthy will fade away.  All competing loves will have to bow down to God!  It really is best to get rid of pride NOW, while we have the chance.  Pride is a stench in everything God is.  It is the very foundation of sin!  Yes, even those high horses have to bow down to God.  SNAP OUT OF IT!!!  LET IT GO AND COME TO GOD!!!               

What we think our life should be, and what God has for us, DO NOT COMPARE!!!  His Ways are Higher!  His Thoughts BIgger!  His Blesssings Grander!  They are beyond what we could even dream up or hope for.  That's what I want!!!  It's all I desire!!!  This world has nothing I could possibly want.  I've been in the pit of sin.  The deep, dark trenches of life.  Looking for something to fill the gap I constantly had.  The emptiness I felt.  I did WHAT I wanted, WHEN I wanted, and AS MUCH as I wanted!!!  That's why people do not think they need Jesus.  The don't want to be accountable.   

If you are struggling with your life, if you see no light and no hope.  If you think God couldn't possibly Forgive THAT.  If you see no way out.  If you've made a total mess of your life.  If you've been rejected.  Abused.  Abandoned.  If your heart is crushed by the weight of this world.  If your spirit is wandering aimlessly.  If you keep striving, and are never satisfied.  Maybe you're a murderer.  A bully.  Or maybe you are BEING bullied.  If you are contemplating suicide.  Are backslidden.  Are hiding from shame.  Think you don't matter, and no one cares.  Maybe you sleep around to feel accepted................  OH, BELOVED, I HAVE THE ANSWER!!!  YOUR RESCUE!!!  YOUR HOPE!!!  LOVE BEYOND COMPARE!!!  FULL OF GRACE, MERCY, REDEMPTION!!!  Yes, there is only ONE WORD, ONE WAY, ONE TRUTH, ONE LIFE, and ONE WAY TO HEAVEN!!!!!  Are you ready???  JESUS.

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