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Posted on September 28, 2019 at 5:15 AM

Saturday September 28, 2019

Happy Saturday to you, and welcome to the WEEKEND!!!  Today is ours!  Let's not trip on what's behind us.  It's time to MOVE ON in the things of God.  And, whatever we are holding that is NOT from God, DROP IT...........  Now, let's raise our hands and Praise God!!!                     

I was thinking about you yesterday, and really Thanking God for you.  There are many, MANY other places you could be right at this moment, but you are here!  God loves you and I love you with ALL MY HEART!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU..........                               

Have you helped anyone lately?  The size of your helping matters not.  However, WHY we do it, is what counts.  Are we expecting something in return?  Remember, God looks at our motives.  If we help people with NO EXPECTATION from them, it not only does good to THEIR heart, but ours, as well.  Everything we do has a point, and that point is TO JESUS!  We are here to shine HIS Light, not ours.                                           

Also, how we talk to people says alot about us.  Are we speaking words of Life, or death?  Do our words inspire?  Are they necessary?  Do our words BUILD UP, or tear down?  We should be letting JOY ABOUND, in our words and our actions.  Come on now, you know it's true!  JOY is straight from Heaven.  If we have lost our JOY, ask God to help us find it!                 

In dealing with people, it truly helps to remember, Jesus died for THEM, too!!!  That too, will help us not to judge.  That's God's job - ours is to simply, LOVE...........  Yes, whether they deserve it or not!  When I'm out and about, and seeing people, I wonder what they are going through.  I wonder if they know Jesus.  Then, I Pray.  Oh, do I ever PRAY!                           

Let's be Kind today, to everyone we meet!  Without expecting one iota in return!  Speak Life!  Shine Jesus!  Share a meal!  Have fun today!  Give yourself permission to REST!  Make some new memories today!  Spread LOVE everywhere you go!  Watch your motives!  Live to please GOD, not the world!  You are a part of Eternity, so LIVE LIFE WELL!  If you need to Repent, do it and move on!  God sure doesn't hold our past over our heads.  (WHEW!  What a relief)  Live like you are FREE!  Spend time in His Presence!  Taste and see that HE IS GOOD!  Remember, you are His!  Don't listen to what people say about you, believe what GOD says about you!  "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength."  (Mark 12;30)  Afterall, we were Created to LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE!!!!!


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