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Posted on September 27, 2019 at 4:30 AM

Friday September 27, 2019

Good morning and Happy Friday!!!  It's time to RISE UP and SHINE BRIGHT.........  Do not fear, for not only is God WITH us, He is going to give us everything we need to equal the task of this day!  Let's stand on the Promises of God, NOT the lies of satan.  It's plain and simple, we are none of satans business PERIOD!!!  Now, come right over here and give me a hug!  That way, I can give you a hug right back. :)                                                     

Life.......................  It can be mysterious, and it can be right down devastating!  The day is going along just great, then BAM - it throws us a curve ball, and we aren't ready to swing.  Some days, it would just be easier to give up.  It would be easier to give in.  Our Hope fades, and we aren't really sure of ANYTHING!                     

Are you hurting, Friend?  Has something reached down inside of you, and ripped your heart out?  Is it so bad, that you are contemplating suicide?  You just want it all to END!  Your life has been broken into a million pieces, and you don't think you will ever recover from it.  Oh, this life is hard.  Way too hard to handle.  It is unfair.  You may think, "What did I do to deserve this?".  "Why can't anyone see my pain?" 

You look for Hope at the end of a bottle, or the end of a needle.  Anything to forget the pain.  You are out of Hope, and out of options.  Nothing can save you now!  BUT WAIT...............................  There is a Love that will not let you go!  That Love WILL FIND YOU!  I have been in the darkest of places.  Yes, even as a Christian.  But I know, that God is GREATER.  God is BIGGER.  God is BRIGHTER.  God can go FARTHER.  And, in the Hands of God, all things are Possible.  Yes, life is hard, but GOD IS GOOD!!!                    

Through your tears, and through your pain, know this - YOU ARE LOVED!!!  The chains of sin are no match for the Blood of Jesus!  He cuts right through them in Victory!  We are no longer slaves of fear, doubt or worry!  If we are found in Christ, our past does not define us, JESUS DOES!!!  If all you have to hang on to, is one thin thread of Hope, HOLD ON!  With all your might, HOLD ON!  If you look up that thread of Hope, you will find God is holding it.  He will not let you go, He will not let you crash.  And, if we choose to grab the Hand of God, the world has no more hold on you.  The enemy has no more power over you, for "No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgement you shall condemn."  (Isaiah 54;17)                     

HOLD ON TODAY!!!  There is Hope in Jesus!  He will pick up the pieces of your broken life, your shattered heart, and make it all NEW!  He is Life!  He died so you might LIVE!  No sin is too dark, too disgusting, too horrific, too gripping.  There is nothing He can't Redeem.  Whatever we Repent of, He FORGIVES!  There is no shame, no condemnation in Christ!  Let Jesus bridge the gap between you and God!  As long as you have air in your lungs, and a beat in your heart, it is not to late.  He will Restore your soul.  Renew your spirit.  Refocus your mind.  Breathe LIFE into your dry bones.  He will turn what was meant for evil in your life, and use it for your good.  Wherever you are, and whatever circumstance you find yourself in, however big your mountain, HOLD ON, and do not give up!  That thread of Hope, is YOUR LIFELINE...........

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