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Monday September 30, 2019

Hi my Friends...........  I wanted to write a quick note to let you know that tomorrow, VistaPrint is doing a schueled maintanance, and I will be unable to write.  You will be able to view my website with no problem.  SO, I will see you back here on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.  Have a blessed and happy day,,,,,,,,,,,.    With Joy, Melissa :)


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Saturday September 28, 2019

Happy Saturday to you, and welcome to the WEEKEND!!!  Today is ours!  Let's not trip on what's behind us.  It's time to MOVE ON in the things of God.  And, whatever we are holding that is NOT from God, DROP IT...........  Now, let's raise our hands and Praise God!!!                     

I was thinking about you yesterday, and really Thanking God for you.  There are many, MANY other places you could be right at this moment, but you are here!  God loves you and I love you with ALL MY HEART!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU..........                               

Have you helped anyone lately?  The size of your helping matters not.  However, WHY we do it, is what counts.  Are we expecting something in return?  Remember, God looks at our motives.  If we help people with NO EXPECTATION from them, it not only does good to THEIR heart, but ours, as well.  Everything we do has a point, and that point is TO JESUS!  We are here to shine HIS Light, not ours.                                           

Also, how we talk to people says alot about us.  Are we speaking words of Life, or death?  Do our words inspire?  Are they necessary?  Do our words BUILD UP, or tear down?  We should be letting JOY ABOUND, in our words and our actions.  Come on now, you know it's true!  JOY is straight from Heaven.  If we have lost our JOY, ask God to help us find it!                 

In dealing with people, it truly helps to remember, Jesus died for THEM, too!!!  That too, will help us not to judge.  That's God's job - ours is to simply, LOVE...........  Yes, whether they deserve it or not!  When I'm out and about, and seeing people, I wonder what they are going through.  I wonder if they know Jesus.  Then, I Pray.  Oh, do I ever PRAY!                           

Let's be Kind today, to everyone we meet!  Without expecting one iota in return!  Speak Life!  Shine Jesus!  Share a meal!  Have fun today!  Give yourself permission to REST!  Make some new memories today!  Spread LOVE everywhere you go!  Watch your motives!  Live to please GOD, not the world!  You are a part of Eternity, so LIVE LIFE WELL!  If you need to Repent, do it and move on!  God sure doesn't hold our past over our heads.  (WHEW!  What a relief)  Live like you are FREE!  Spend time in His Presence!  Taste and see that HE IS GOOD!  Remember, you are His!  Don't listen to what people say about you, believe what GOD says about you!  "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength."  (Mark 12;30)  Afterall, we were Created to LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE!!!!!



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Friday September 27, 2019

Good morning and Happy Friday!!!  It's time to RISE UP and SHINE BRIGHT.........  Do not fear, for not only is God WITH us, He is going to give us everything we need to equal the task of this day!  Let's stand on the Promises of God, NOT the lies of satan.  It's plain and simple, we are none of satans business PERIOD!!!  Now, come right over here and give me a hug!  That way, I can give you a hug right back. :)                                                     

Life.......................  It can be mysterious, and it can be right down devastating!  The day is going along just great, then BAM - it throws us a curve ball, and we aren't ready to swing.  Some days, it would just be easier to give up.  It would be easier to give in.  Our Hope fades, and we aren't really sure of ANYTHING!                     

Are you hurting, Friend?  Has something reached down inside of you, and ripped your heart out?  Is it so bad, that you are contemplating suicide?  You just want it all to END!  Your life has been broken into a million pieces, and you don't think you will ever recover from it.  Oh, this life is hard.  Way too hard to handle.  It is unfair.  You may think, "What did I do to deserve this?".  "Why can't anyone see my pain?" 

You look for Hope at the end of a bottle, or the end of a needle.  Anything to forget the pain.  You are out of Hope, and out of options.  Nothing can save you now!  BUT WAIT...............................  There is a Love that will not let you go!  That Love WILL FIND YOU!  I have been in the darkest of places.  Yes, even as a Christian.  But I know, that God is GREATER.  God is BIGGER.  God is BRIGHTER.  God can go FARTHER.  And, in the Hands of God, all things are Possible.  Yes, life is hard, but GOD IS GOOD!!!                    

Through your tears, and through your pain, know this - YOU ARE LOVED!!!  The chains of sin are no match for the Blood of Jesus!  He cuts right through them in Victory!  We are no longer slaves of fear, doubt or worry!  If we are found in Christ, our past does not define us, JESUS DOES!!!  If all you have to hang on to, is one thin thread of Hope, HOLD ON!  With all your might, HOLD ON!  If you look up that thread of Hope, you will find God is holding it.  He will not let you go, He will not let you crash.  And, if we choose to grab the Hand of God, the world has no more hold on you.  The enemy has no more power over you, for "No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgement you shall condemn."  (Isaiah 54;17)                     

HOLD ON TODAY!!!  There is Hope in Jesus!  He will pick up the pieces of your broken life, your shattered heart, and make it all NEW!  He is Life!  He died so you might LIVE!  No sin is too dark, too disgusting, too horrific, too gripping.  There is nothing He can't Redeem.  Whatever we Repent of, He FORGIVES!  There is no shame, no condemnation in Christ!  Let Jesus bridge the gap between you and God!  As long as you have air in your lungs, and a beat in your heart, it is not to late.  He will Restore your soul.  Renew your spirit.  Refocus your mind.  Breathe LIFE into your dry bones.  He will turn what was meant for evil in your life, and use it for your good.  Wherever you are, and whatever circumstance you find yourself in, however big your mountain, HOLD ON, and do not give up!  That thread of Hope, is YOUR LIFELINE...........


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Wednesday September 25, 2019

Greetings to you, on this Wednesday morning!!!  How are you, Friend?  I pray you woke up brave, strong and courageous!  How wonderful that you and I are here at the VERY SAME MOMENT!!!  Let's take a deep breath of Faith, and carry on like the Warriors we are..........                     

We are going to talk about 4 very important and often hard, words to say.  Are you ready???  "YOUR WILL BE DONE."  Jesus said it best in Luke 22:42, "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done."  Jesus knew what was coming.  He knew what had to be done for you and I to be Saved from sin and death.  Was it going to be easy?  NO!  But, did He think we were  worth it?  OH, YES!  I have never been so Thankful for anything in my life. 

Just imagine for a moment, if Jesus did NOT do His Father's Will......................  It makes me SHUDDER!  But, God came down from Heaven, for a Purpose - YOU and ME.  To LIVE, to DIE, to RISE!  I certainly don't think I was worth it, but the Creator of the Universe thought differently.  You see, sin separates us from God.  So, Jesus laid His Life down so we could come to God.  Jesus bridges the gap!         

Praying God's Will, and not my own, used to be SO HARD!  Almost something to dread, why?  Because I didn't put God FIRST.  Oh, yes, I wanted God's Will, but with MY HELP!  Who did I think I was???  But, slowly with each time I prayed for HIS WILL, God showed me that He really CAN be trusted.  That what He had for me, was so much Greater than I thought I wanted.  (And, by the way, God does NOT need my help!)           

Keeping God FIRST in all things - I mean, ALL THINGS - is our key to Freedom and Victory.  And, the more willing we are to let go of the things that are NOT of God, let me just say that it's so much better than having God pry our hands open Himself.  Beloved, God has His very BEST for us!  Higher than all our dreams!  Grander than all our hopes!  Giving God His Rightful place in our lives, gives us Power over the enemy!  It tells satan, to take his puny grip off us!!!  It all ways and in all circumstances, I pray, "YOUR WILL BE DONE".  I trust God, PERIOD!  His Will is so much better than mine.  I will choose God over this world, every single time.  Why?  Because HE IS WORTH IT!!!


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Tuesday September 24, 2019

Good Morning, Friend.................  Shhhhh, it's the wee hours of the night!  I had a hard day yesterday, but then, ALL AT ONCE, it was AUTUMN!!!  It's not only my favorite season, but it's also my most favorite color.  Come on in and get comfy.  Yes, of course, your favorite place at the table has been saved.     

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven."  (Ecclesiastes 3;1)  To everything, there is, God's Timing.  Though most times, I do not understand, or LIKE, waiting!  Maybe I need Patience, maybe I need reminding that God is GOD, and I AM NOT.  "Every purpose under Heaven."  WOW...........  It's all so hard to even fathom!                       

Autumn - sweet Autumn.......................  Cooler temps, crisp air, start a fire and watch it burn, sweaters, hot chocolate, falling leaves, pumpkins to carve and pie to make.  From September to December, I am reminded of CHANGE!  God Created four seasons for us to enjoy.  And, it just so happens that I live in a place where I get to see ALL OF THEM!!!  For that, I am Grateful.                   

Things change, plans often fail, and life is just hard.  I wonder how the world can live without the Hope of Jesus!  To only rely on themselves - How tragic!  The Bible doesn't say being a Christian would be easy.  In fact it says, in John 16;33, "In this world you will have trouble."  But, OH LOOK, we have Hope, for it then says, "But take heart!  I have overcome the world."  That means you and I are OVERCOMERS!!!                                                       

And, if God is for us, which He is, then I could care less who is against us.  Though all around us is changing, Malachi 3;6 Promises, "For I am the LORD, I change not."  SWEET...........  Another thing I am Grateful for!  God's Word is TREASURE.  In it, we find every answer to every question we have.  Hope for every doubt.  Love for when we feel unlovely.  Peace for every battle.  Shelter for every storm.  A firm Foundation.  Jesus is our Way Maker and Chain Breaker!                     

God can be Trusted in every season of life we face.  Let's keep our eyes on HIM, not this world.  Let's listen to HIS VOICE, not the screams and chaos of this world.  In Him, we find rest for our weary hearts.  He holds us through our tears, and in our Joys.  When we Repent, sweet Forgiveness, the breaking of chains and the cleansing of our sins.  Jesus makes ALL THINGS BETTER!!!  Invite Him in, and let Him be Lord of your EVERYTHING!!!  "For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all."  (2 Corinthians 4;17)  When that is just too hard to believe, BELIEVE IT ANYWAY!!!!!



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Saturday September 21. 2019

Saturday Greetings to you, dear Friend of mine!!!  It's 4am on my clock.  I've been UP and DOWN all night.  Are you out there, somewhere in this great big world???  Of course you are!  Come and sit with me a while.......  Smell the Saturday morning coffee!                                          

Take a look at today's quote!  What a treasure!  Can you see Him?  JESUS, of course.  Right down on the floor with the boy.  What?  You don't think God can color?  In Mathew 18;2-4, He talks about "child-like Faith".  I wish I had it.  You know the kind, untouched by the world.  Not the chaos of business portfolios, meetings, running here, running there..........  We've come to a place where we GLORIFY BUSY!!!  And THAT, is exactly where satan wants us!  So busy that we can't find time to spend with God.  What satan offers is dipped in pleasure.                                           

Oh, but GOD.................  He is with us wherever we go!  In every circumstance, every Joy, every failure on our part.  Whether we are grocery shopping, at a doctor appointment, cleaning the house, and in every business merger.  The Bible does not say, "God will be with you wherever you go, EXEPT IN.........."  There is no IF's, AND's, or BUT'S about it!  How dare we limit GOD!!!  Our problem is we have blinders on.  We need to open our eyes to child-like Faith, and RUN WITH IT!!!             

God, not only Created all things, but He made YOU........  You are His MASTERPIECE!!!  Not made in some factory, but in the Heart of God!  Among the billions of people who occupy this world, YOU are the ONLY YOU!  No one even comes close.  Satan knows it, that's why he fights you so hard, that's why he lies to you with every word that comes out of his lying, thieving mouth!  And, because he owns NOTHING, he has to try stealing from God, and twists everything that concerns God. 

Oh, but God...............  We are a CHILD OF GOD!  His Love is RELENTLESS!  He cares about the BIG things, AND, the small things!  He wants to Forgive us, He wants to Bless us!  And, that thing you are praying about?  YES, God's on it!  That thing you've been praying FOR?  YES, God's working on your behalf!  He is with us in the Light and in the dark!  He Breathes life into our dry bones!  And, when we REPENT of our sins, He is Faithful to Forgive us!  And, while He's at it, He also FORGETS OUR SINS NO MORE!  Jesus paid the price for our lives! 

Make today, the day that we put God FIRST.  When we let go, God moves everything into their proper place in our lives.  Whatever - WHATEVER - you do this day, know that GOD IS WITH YOU!!!  Yes, in the cartoons, you raking leaves, catching up on household chores, in your working and in your resting.  And, it's even OK to act SILLY!!!  To ride on the wings of JOY!!!  To help in making a blanket fort!!!  It's time to stop striving, and start LIVING!!!  Whatever you lack, ASK GOD FOR!!!  Go ahead and run and play and dance your heart out!!!  Sing LOUD AND STRONG!!!  Get close to JESUS today!!!  God doesn't put US in a box, and we shouldn't put HIM in one either!!!  And, know this...............  God Loves you and God will find you!  No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing!  Whatever you do, INVITE HIM IN!!!


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Friday September 20, 2019

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!  Oh yes, we are on the brink of the WEEKEND........  How wonderful that you and I woke up on this brand NEW day, yes???  And to think that God HIMSELF is within us, living in us, and doing a Mighty Work on our behalf.  This is cause for CELEBRATION!!!!!           

Would you like to hear something beautiful?  I stumbled on today's quote yesterday while I was working on my website.  The very instant I read it, my heart melted!  Yes, it was like MUSH!!!  Now, the Bible says in Psalm 37;4, "Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." 


My heart................  If I take my eyes off of God, even for a second, I am prone to wander.  I start thinking I can figure things out on my own.  Worry creeps in, and I become bombarded with fear........  Yes, ALL of that, in just a second!  I have walked with God enough to know, that HE CAN BE TRUSTED!  I don't dare wander from Him anymore.                           

But, in light of today's quote, I found myself Powerfully Praying, "God, my heart can't be trusted apart from you!  I want ALL OF YOU, so please, please, please, EMPTY ME OF ME, all of it!  Let not even a trace of me, so I can be filled with ALL OF YOU!!!  Today is a NEW day, so let me start over!"  Praying a Prayer like that, brings so much Freedom!                                 

Nothing else seems to matter much, when I want what GOD wants!  When He overwhelms my heart, overwhelms my soul - The Dance of Love begins!  I could care less what the world offers me, for what God offers OUTWEIGHS IT ALL!!!!!  When everything of this dying world ends, it lays in a pile of ash.  Only the things of God REMAIN..........                         

My heart...............  It beats in time with God's!  There is no need for Him to pry my hands open, for they are lifted HIGH, FREE, and WILLING!!!  I am no longer a slave to fear, doubt or worry!  The voices of this world may scream, but I hear God's Voice OVER IT ALL!  When world tells us to "follow your heart".  NO THANK YOU!!!  "The heart is deceitful above all things and is beyond cure.  Who can understand it?"  (Jeremiah 17;9)  I choose to following The Holy Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control!"  (Galatians 5;22-23)             

Let's end with Proverbs 4;23 - "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."  Ask God to search your heart today!  Let Him burn out the things that not Holy!  A pure heart is CRUCIAL!!!  A Grateful heart, is an open door to Blessings!!!  When our hearts desire what God's Heart desires, OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GOODNESS..................  We aren't so prone to wander, have alot more Peace and Joy..........  Can we even fathom the Heart of God???  What do you say, we Pray and ask God, to let us desire not the things our hearts desire, but WHAT HIS DESIRES!!!


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Wednesday September 18, 2019

Happy Wednesday, dear Friend!!!  It's almost half past 4am.  All I hear from the outside world right now, is WIND..........  The calm, the quiet, the Peace!  It's my favorite time of day.  But, having YOU here, makes it so much better!  Thank You..................                             

Let's take a look at Romans 12;2, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - His good, pleasing and perfect will."  DO NOT CONFORM - Oh, how wonderful.  This world is temporary, so frail, yet powerful enough to change our lives!  If we are found in Christ, we are IN this world, not OF this world.                                                   

This world if full of drama, hate, chaos, and quick to slap a set of cuffs on us.  We have to be soooooooooo careful.  Before long, we find ourselves prisoned by fear, doubt, worry.  No, this world has NOTHING I WANT, NOTHING I NEED!!!!!  Isn't a wonder, why this verse starts with, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world."  But wait - There's HOPE!  "but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."  If we will let Him, God will continually Renew us, Restore us, Redeem us!         

I pray constantly, "God, give me the Mind of Christ!"  The world can make our heads spin, yes?  It's our minds that first hear the spirit of fear.  Let's keep in mind that God is NOT fear!  "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control."  (2 Timothy 1;7)  We should not whimper in fear, when God wants us to RISE UP in Power!  In Love!  In Self-control!           

If we are Born Again, we are filled - FILLED - with the very Breath of God.  His Presence is a place of Rest for us.  We need NOT strive, or prove ourselves to God.  He Loves us PERIOD!  Nothing we do, or say, can change that!!!  We have the Inheritance of HEAVEN, for we are Heirs of God.  Why then, do we try to be just like this world?  Why do we try to fit in?  To please people?  We are more afraid of offending people, than of offending God!  SNAP OUT OF IT!!!  STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!!!!!  The world fails, God DOES NOT...........                                     

Today, my dear and lovely Friend, TRY GOD!  Let it all go, and TRUST GOD!  Stop trying to be a duplicate, and march to the beat of a different drum, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made!  (Psalm 139;14)  God is good, even if satan tells you He isn't.  God does all things WELL!  He is relentless in His pursuit of us!  When we put God FIRST, everything else falls into it's rightful place!  His Perfect Love, casts out fear!  He FIGHTS for us, and takes care of our enemies!  And, if we choose Christ as Lord and Savior, turn away from our sins, we are Promised Eternal Life...............  CAN THE WORLD SAY THAT?!




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Tuesday September 17, 2019

Greetings to you, dear Friends..........  Sorry I am late in spending time with you this morning.  My website had a slight HICCUP, and now it is ALL WELL!!!  First, I Praised God!  Then, I found myself laughing out loud, saying, "Satan, did you REALLY think you were going to win this?  Did you REALLY think you could beat God?"  So - here I am, there you are.  I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!!         

How fitting a quote for today!  Let's talk about Prayer for a bit.  Did you know that we have OPEN ACCESS TO GOD?!?!  No appointments necessary, not waiting lines, no wondering if God is tired of us Praying the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER............  Oh, the enemy would make us believe that, but we need to choose then, WHO TO LISTEN TO!!!  WHO TO BELIEVE!!!             

God is our Loving Father.  He thought us up in His Heart, EXACTLY the way He wanted us to be.  He makes NO mistakes.  Then, He Breathed us INTO LIFE!!!!!  He formed us and shaped us BEFORE we were in our Mother's womb.  He shaped us, molded us, formed us - The God of ALL CREATION, Created us and set us apart.  (Jeremiah 1;5)  God Loves us with His WHOLE HEART!!!  And, satan, well - he hates us with his whole heart.                                       

So, see how POWERFUL Prayer is?!?!  Even if we don't feel it, even if we don't see it, WE MUST BELIEVE IT!!!  I am still in a physical battle from my surgery, when I should be better by now.  I am left with the choice of WHO AM I GOING TO BELIEVE...........  I believe God's Word, over satan's lies!  God Loves me, He is on my side, He cares deeply about everything that concerns me! 

We cannot live by Faith AND fear!  Nor Light or dark, Praise or worry!  The thing is, Beloved, God wants ALL of us.  Not just on Sundays, not just when we need something, but ALL OF US!!!  In doing so, we have ALL of HIM.............  That astonishes me to my very core!  It rips me apart, in pieces of Gratitude.  Do you ever wonder what God sees in you???  Let me tell you.............. 

He sees Jesus!  He sees a Masterpiece!  He sees us WHOLE.  CLEAN.  BLAMELESS.  WORTHY.  SIGNIFICANT.  LOVED.  REDEEMED.  CHOSEN.  HEALED.  FORGIVEN and FREE!!!!!  God Loves you so much, He knew you needed Jesus to make a way for the Forgiveness of sins.  Only the Blood of Jesus can do that.  When we REPENT of our sins, God is ready to FORGIVE!!!  Once you were lost, but now -  YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND.  So, feel free to go to God anyTIME, anyWHERE, as many times as you want, and how long you want!  Let Him waltz you into His Presence!  He will shower you with His Grace and Mercy!  It is there that you will find Joy, Peace, Restoration, and Rest - FOR YOUR WEARY SOUL..............


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Saturday September 14, 2019

Good Morning!!!  Oh, the weekend.........  I hope you are fairing well.  The month is half over already!  I'm still trying to figure out where August went.  Even so, God remains UNCHANGED!!!  When all else fails today, TAKE A NAP!!! :)  Or, eat cookies!!!              

What's going on in your life?  Maybe it's all nice and itdy.  Or, maybe it's a complete mess.  Perhaps you got some bad, OR GOOD, news this week.  Is your house a battle zone.  Is your bank account in the hole.  Little kids, big kids, and every kid in between.  Maybe you are a new "empty nester.  OR, maybe you can't wait for them to come home.                           

The truth is, life can be MESSY!  Life can be devastating!  We often sit and wonder, "Where are you, God?"  In the tragedies and overwhelming circumstances of our life, where is our Hope?  The key here is, WHAT VOICE ARE WE GOING TO LISTEN TO???  The enemy roars, steals, kills, destroys.  (1 Peter 5;8)  His path leads straight to hell  (Mathew 7;13).......... 

But God is Forever STRONG!  He is the Creator of every good and perfect gift. (James 1;17)  He is our Father.  Our Deliverer.  Our Shelter.  Our Stong Tower.  Our Light.  Our Redeemer and Lord.  He is the only God Who KEEPS HIS PROMISES.  (Hebrews 10;23)  He Saves us by Grace, through Christ.  His Love for us is Relentless, Outlandish, Unconditional and COMPLETE!!!                     

Be Blessed today!  Let God fill you, let God Love you, and let God hold you!  In Him, we are Renewed!  Restored!  He LONGS to be with us!  No matter what you see, or the world sees in you - GOD SEES JESUS!  In Him, our Worth is found!  There is nothing He won't Forgive, nothing the Blood of Jesus can't Redeem!  No sin is SO deep, that He is not DEEPER STILL!  He will lead us and guide us, if we let Him!  Even if our life is in a million pieces on the floor, caused by even US - God puts it all back together, BETTER THAN BEFORE................  And, if today, you are asking yourself, and wondering, "Where is GOD in all this???"  Well, He is, of course, working, protecting, making a way and moving............  And, most importantly, He is in the very CENTER OF IT ALL!!!!!



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