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Saturday, November 17, 2019

Hi again, Friends...........  I have a BLOG UPDATE for you.  I will be going in the hospital on Monday, and hope to be home by Thanksgiving.  However, because I'm not sure, I'm going to say I will start writing again on December 3rd.  Any day AFTER that date, I will surely let you know how things are going.  I am soooooooooo sorry for this inconvenience.  You will be in my every day thoughts, prayers and heart.  Thank you for your understanding.  See you soon, and GOD BLESS YOU.  Please remember GOD LOVES YOU, and I LOVE YOU..........................  Melissa


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Saturday, November 17, 2019

Hi again, Friends...........  I have a BLOG UPDATE for you.  I will be going in the hospital on Monday, and hope to be home by Thanksgiving.  However, because I'm not sure, I'm going to say I will start writing again on December 3rd.  Any day AFTER that date, I will surely let you know how things are going.  I am soooooooooo sorry for this inconvenience.  You will be in my every day thoughts, prayers and heart.  Thank you for your understanding.  See you soon, and GOD BLESS YOU.  Please remember GOD LOVES YOU, and I LOVE YOU..........................  Melissa

Oops! SORRY!!!

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Saturday November 16, 2019

Greetings, dear Friends...............  Oops!  SORRY!!!  I should have written on Friday.  I have to take a few days off.  I have been very sick.  Please forgive me.  I should be back to writing on Tuesday.  If I can't, I will let you know.  God bless and keep you.  I pray for you daily, and you are always in my heart.  Thank you for your understanding.  Take gentle care.......... Melissa 


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Wednesday November 13, 2019

Happy Wednesday to you, dear Friend of mine!!!  WAKEY, WAKEY, for a NEW DAY is brewing!  How awesome, yes?  That God saw it fit for you and I to live one more day on this earth to make a difference!  For HIS GLORY, not ours!!!                                         

What a Glorious thing God must be unfolding.  Yes, for His Glory and our good.  Oh, how satan tries to glorify himself through us.  NO, NO, NO, satan NOT TODAY!!!!!  We are Children of the Most High God, and HE WILL BE LIFTED HIGH, THIS DAY!  You know, all we have is this day.  We have been given a Gift from our Father.  We are responsible to OBEY His Calling on our lives.  The rest is UP TO GOD!!!  Do not worry, do not fret, for God is ON YOUR SIDE!                             

God does not give us something to do today, and leaves us to meander off on our own.  He doesn't say, "OK, let's see how you figure out, how to do this."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????  Not a chance.  Not even for one split second.  Rest assured, Beloved, if God has called you TO it, He will see you THROUGH it.  He will even give you what you need to accomplish it!  That should make you WANT TO DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!!!!  To the Music of Heaven...........                   

I love today's quote.  It is TRUE.  Read it and believe it.  No matter our circumstances for this day, GOD IS WITH - PERIOD!!!  Whether you Faith is strong or weak, GOD IS WITH YOU!  Do not be afraid, for GOD IS WITH YOU!  My dear Friend, speak with even a mustard seed of Faith to that MOUNTAIN standing in your way!  Trust your God, for He knows what He's doing!  Place your life in God's Hands today, AND GET READY!!!!!


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Tuesday November 12, 2019

Good Morning........  It's quite early.  My clock says 12:42am.  Is anybody out there???  If you are, them come in and sit with me a while.  If you are not, then I will surely wait for you.  I am listen to one of my favorite sounds, a fan.  Not matter where you point it, the sound is the same.  It's the consistency that I love.  I can't sleep without it, although, if tired enough, I bet I could.               

One other thing I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE............................  New.  Good ole fashioned NEW!  Whatever happens in the night, we will most certainly come upon, NEW.  Why???  Because we need it!  Because yesterday is gone!  If we can say, "Shame on me!" last night, God Promises NEW every morning.  In fact, Psalm 30:15 NIV, it says, "Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning."  Ah, yes, REJOICING!!!                                   

The same goes with Repentance.  If we confess it, God Forgives and Forgets it.  And, if we mean it, we won't do it again! :)  At least, that what comes with True Repentance.  No matter what is old and crusty in your life, God can Breathe NEW LIFE into it.  Shame and shackles are no longer.  Jesus sets the CAPTIVES FREE!!!!!  He flings open those prison doors, His Light drives away all darkness, and satan and all his demons RUN at the sound of Jesus' Name.                     

Victory is ours for the taking, Beloved.  We claim it, and have to KEEP claiming it.  Do you think Jesus isn't real?  That He is just a myth?  That He could never, EVER Forgive you?  Tell that dirty devil to go back to hell where he belongs, and where he will spend all ETERNITY!!!  One thing though, where God Forgives us, WE need to Forgive ourselves in order to move on!                       

God LOVES New Beginnings!  He LOVES what is impossible with man!  And, when our willingness collides with the God's POSSIBLE, well - LOOK OUT WORLD!!!   He Delights giving His Favor to us, just as He LOVES to Forgive us.                                   

So..................................  What are you going to do about God today?  Where will you place Jesus in your life?  If He has been sitting nice and neat on a shelf, GET HIM DOWN!!!!!  What He has for you, will blow your hopes and dreams right out of the water!  WHY?  Because what He has for you is BETTER.  He will knock your socks off if you are willing!  Remember this, God is bigger than any giant in your life.  He is Stronger than your struggle.  Can go deeper than any pit.  He soars higher than your mountains.  Goes lower than any valley.  Wherever you are in this great big world, and no matter what your are doing, or NOT doing, God is looking to give you A FRESH START!!! 


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Saturday November 9, 2019

Good Morning, dear Friend of mine!!!  I'm so sorry I didn't write yesterday.  I've been very sick, but that's no excuse.  Forgive me!  Wakey, Wakey.............  It's the weekend.                     

That's cool - weekend.  The end of the week.  I hope it is a time of rest, relaxation, and FUN, FUN, FUN for you!!!  Have you had a strenuous week?  Perhaps you think the sky has fallen?  Maybe you are just too exhausted to think you are high and mighty, nose lifted to all, and just plain sore from riding that high horse?  Meetings, deadlines, practices, kids running you ragged, your head spinning out of contro, chaos screaming, too high of mountains, too low of trenches.  An unravel here, a slip there, and pretty soon.......................  Well, I think you get the picture.                                   

The God of all Creation LOVES YOU!!!  Jesus Christ DIED FOR YOU!!!  And, by the way, Jesus is all  that matters.  I was talking to my friend Sam, and I was telling him - "I am almost out of Hope!"  But, then I said, "No - as long as I have Jesus, I have HOPE!"  No matter how hard things get, GOD IS STILL GOD!!!  JESUS CHRIST STILL HAS THE VICTORY!!!  And despite what I think of myself, my WORTH IS STILL IN WHO HE IS, NOT WHAT I'VE DONE!!!                     

I have 2 important words for you today..........  HOLD ON.  Love will find you!  HOLD ON.  Help is on the way.  HOLD ON to that single strand of HOPE, that the enemy threatens to cut down.  Remember, as sure as God Remains, HOPE REMAINS.  The two are ONE!  Jesus has already claimed your life!  Has already won your VICTORY!  HOLD ON, Beloved.........................  What the enemy offers is DEATH.  What God is LIFE ETERNAL. 

So, what are you going to choose today?  Rest in God's Promises?  OR, the clammoring noises you hear calling you from the world?  It should be a no-brainer.............  But, maybe you are clinging on to something SO HARD, and refuse to let it go.  The enemy wants you to grip it with all your might, and keep you from God.  But God....................................  He has the answer to whatever question you ask!  And, He has the Forgiveness for every single thing you Repent of!  Only Jesus makes that Possible - for us to come to God.  Jesus makes spending Eternity Possibe with HIM.                 

His Word for you today, is HOLD ON!!!!!  He will SUSTAIN you.  He will HOLD YOU,  He will make a way for you!  And if you feel unraveled, alone, hopeless, afraid, empty, abandoned............  LIFE HIGH THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!



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Wednesday November 6, 2019

A Very Good Morning to you!!!  I hope you woke up this morning saying, "IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL".  We are ALIVE!  We've been CHOSEN!  FORGIVEN!  RANSOMED!  And for us this day, God's Mercies are BRAND NEW!!!!!  (Lamentations 3:22-23)                                     

Over the past few weeks, I've taken a good look at my life.  I am CONVINCED that all I need is to be more like Jesus, and more Pleasing in the Sight of God.  With God, it all starts in the heart.  He sees EVERYTHING.  Yes, even the sin we sweep under the carpet.  That just needs to STOP, STOP, STOP!!!  If we pray, "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."  We need to pray it over and over and over and over................................  Until we change our own minds!                 

Oh, I want a clean heart.  Oh, I want pure motives.  I want to Love God and Love people.  If we could come to the realization, that life is NOT about us, it's ALL ABOUT JESUS - Oh, what we couldn't accomplish!  It sure is exciting thinking about it, yes?  The point, though, is that we need to LIVE IT, BREATHE IT, LET IT TURN OUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN, CONSUME US and KNOCK IT OFF OUR HIGH HORSE!!!!!                           

Wow, that was a mouthful.  A LIFE FULL.  God wants us to live life to the fullest!  WIth giving Him 100% Surrender, there is nothing we can't accomplish through Christ.  Just imagine - Our willingness colliding with the Grace of God!!!  CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!  My heart yearns for that.  My mind is steadfast with Christ.  My body is clean and trembling with anticipation.  My spirit, well, I'm ALL IN!!!  It's time we stop looking at the temporary things of this world, and all it's emptiness.  Let's stop getting entangled with satan's lies, or caught up in words.  Let's stop striving for our Salvation, for it is FREE.  Stop losing our Joy over comparison.  And, whatever you so neatly placed in your baggage.  God wants YOU, just as you are!  Then, because He Loves you so much, He will turn you into why He Created you, IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!


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Tuesday November 5, 2019

Greetings on this Tuesday Morning!!!  I'm feeling a tab bit tired, and YOU?  This day is OURS, as a free gift from God.  I pray I live it well, and for His Glory, not mine!  Come on in, and sit with me a while.   

I love today's quote.  It proves God is God, and WE ARE NOT!!!  Life can get messy.  Life can be so much of a tizzy, we think the sky is falling.  Something happens, and our hearts RACE.  It is at that exact moment, we make our choice.  Fall into the arms of worry and anxiousness, or in God's Arms of Peace and Grace.  I can tell you from experience, the world has nothing I want or need.  NOTHING!!!  So, OH YES, I WILL RUN - as fast as I possibly can - to the One Who is never "out of sorts", never huffy, but waiting to greet me with His Love, Grace and Hope!               

I know life is hard.  It can throw the best curveball.  It does what it can to keep us busy.  It assures us that "We can do everything in our own strength!"  Who needs God's help???  Ahhhhhhh, I DO!  What God Promises are Eternal, never Changing, never anxious..........  And, DRAMA?  God has no use for!  Drama takes our eyes off God, and on ourselves.  It's sneeky and sly.  Suddenly, we find ourselves in a full-fledged panic attack, and we worry ourselves into the ground.  I HATE THAT FEELING!!! 

There is SUCH FREEDOM in letting go!!!  We tend to carry chains that we never meant for us to carry.  OH, THIS BAGGAGE..............  DROP IT!  Go ahead and DROP IT!  God knows exactly what we are going through, knows exactly what we need, and He's not about to abandon us now!!!           

1 Corinthians 14:33 tells us, "For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace......"  God has no need for drama, no need for dis-order, or chaos.  God is Peace, God is Love, God is Rest.  When we give Him our problems, our circumstances, our brokenness, our sin and shame, He Invites us to COME.  When we enter the gates of HIs Presence with Thanksgiving, we will find ourselves held.  Held by the Arms of our Creator.............  It's OK - you can let go now, and just be HELD!!!!!


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Saturday November 2, 2019

Top of the morning to you, dear Friend!!!  All those in favor of staying in bed all day, say I........  NO?  Ok then, all those in favor of taking a nap, say HI HO........  Well, whatever you do today, live it WELL!!!     

You know, why can't we all just get along?  This holding grudges, drama, back-stabbing, gossip and bullying HAS TO GO, GO, GO!!!!!  If we say we love God, but hate others, we are being DECEIVED!  We were made to LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE.                 

Why don't you call an old friend today.  You know, the one you let pride keep you from.  Maybe reconcile with a family member.  Bake someone cookies!  ALL IN FAVOR OF COOKIES, say.......................  Maybe you've let unforgiveness make your heart hard and cold.  All that weight is holding you down.  Be Kind today, to EVERYONE!  Sit, be still and just b r e a t h e!  You will find Peace at the Feet of Jesus!  You will find Redemption and Joy immeasurable!  Forgive yourself, so you can move on!  Keep in mind, God will NEVER remind you of the things you Repent of!  His Hands are not clenching a gavel, but they are open WIDE, WIDE, WIDE FOR YOU!  If you feel unloved, HE IS THE LOVE THAT WILL NEVER LET YOU GO.  With God, you can face today, and every day to come! 

He is with us always...........  Whatever circumstance you are facing today, give it to God and LIVE!  He thought you up in His Heart, and it was so full of LOVE, He had to BREATHE YOU INTO BEING!!!  He set your feet into motion!  Your soul into Believing!  Today is YOUR DAY, Beloved........  Being angry and full of pride leads to death.  Forgive them, even if they aren't sorry.  Love them, despite how they treat you.  Afterall, isn't that exactly WHAT JESUS DID???


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Friday November 1, 2019

Greetings and Salutations!!!  It's NOVEMBER..........  How wonderful indeed!  And since change is inevitable, we might as well ENJOY IT!!!               

Today, I want to focus on one Scripture found in Romans 8:38-39.  Are you ready?  Set?  Here we go!  "For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels or demons, neither present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus".  WHAT A PACKED PROMISE!!!           

While we are living on this earth, we are going to make mistakes.  Down-right sin, as a matter of fact.  There is absolutely NOTHING that will change God's Mind about us.  Nothing will shake God, or come as a surprise to God.  Our attitudes, motives, our nasty thoughts and dead words, will make God stop loving us.  He knows us through and through.  He sees it ALL.  Yes, even the sin we sweep under the carpet, hoping God will never find out.                             

Hear this loud and clear.................  WE DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO SEPARATE OUTSELVES FROM GOD'S LOVE FOR US!!!!!!!  We sin, we REPENT, then we have to forgive ourselves and MOVE ON!!!  Do not let satan remind you of your past, or tell you God could NEVER forgive you AGAIN.  LIES, LIES, LIES - straight from the pit of hell.  If it's IN THE BIBLE, you can BELIEVE IT.  There are no if's, and's, or but's about it.                                             

Let God pull you in..........  Let Him pull you in close!  He is FAITHFUL!  He is Constant and True!  He cannot lie!  Go ahead, and hold God to His Promises!!!  Nothing is so big, that God isn't BIGGER!  Nothing is so deep, that God cannot go DEEPER!  No pit of sin is beyond God's Loving Hands or Christ's Redemption!  Don't let fear grip you, or shame strip you of who you are in Christ!  Your worth is found in HIM, not your mistakes.  RISE UP, BELOVED...................  THE LOVE OF GOD IS CALLING YOU!!!!!


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