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Welcome!  I am so glad you stopped by.  If you are already a follower of my daily blog, thank you so much for your patience and loyalty!  If you are new here, won't you sit a while with me?  My name is Melissa Larsen, and I live in Marquette, MI.  You can read my testimony titled, BROKEN and BEAUTIFUL.  You will see it listed as its own page in the header line.  You will also see I have posted a Sinners Prayer as its own page.........  God has something wonderful He wants to share with you.  

No matter where you are in your journey, you will find no judgement here - only hope, love, encouragement, truth and light.  The Light of Jesus!!!  He is the HOPE THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING.....

I write an early morning blog Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and an early evening blog, when I feel led to.  Stop by anytime, day or night, to get refreshed.  God is on our side, and He made us to WIN!  My purpose for this blog is simple - Share Jesus.....  Who He is, what He did for us, why He did it and to show a better way.

I also have a website email - [email protected]  Feel free to write comments, question, prayer requests, or whatever is on your heart.  The door is always open!!!  You can view my blogs by clicking the "Blog" selection at the top of the page, next the "Home" selection.  The list of all my blogs will be in order from the NEWEST one listed FIRST - you can view my other blogs simply by scrolling down on the blog page.   God bless you and keep you safe in His love and light.......                                               
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